Thursday, November 08, 2007

11th Street Bridge Project Rush Job

continuing 1950s style elevated and surface freeway to overpass an existing railroad that's officially envisioned to be removed

The "Final EIS Preferred Alternative"

This study bundles a good idea -- ramps connecting to both directions of the Anacostia Freeway with numerous bad ideas, starting with deleting the ramp connections towards RFK Stadium, and the creation of a counter-intuitive left hand split form the eastbound SE Freeway via an elevated berm for the sake of crossing a RR that's envisioned to be removed and relocated, as per the study announced earlier this year.

The "Final EIS Preferred Alternative" adds other bad ideas, continuing with destroying the freeway continuity to the east, placing all of the vehicular traffic on the surface through traffic light intersections.

And Now, Anacostia- the 11th Street Bridges Project


washcycle said...

Even if freight rail quits running through the Virginia Avenue tunnel, it won't be shut down. They'll convert the line to transit or heavy passenger rail. And that's a long way off.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

With planning envisioning removing that RR's crossing of the Anacostia, where would the line go? Are they thinking of having it turn towards RFK Stadium

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

If its used for WMATA or light rail, it could then duck below a continuous underground SE Freeway because such rail can tolerate a 5% grade, whereas heavy rail can only take a 1% grade. Heavy passenger rail is less likely due to it needing to route through to Union Station.