Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Best Vista Along Grand Arc/I-95 Corridor Threatened By Misplaced Development Proposal

What would be the arguably best through the windshield vista anywhere along the U.S. interstate Highway System - on the unbuilt D.C. I-95 corridor where the topography descends -- threatened to be infringed upon by the latest horribly misguided developer's project within Washington, D.C.

The eastern portion of this developer project - by MRP Realty -- needs to be cut back.



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Note that the Grand Arc plan would place the southbound lanes along the railroad's western side, emerging from a tunnel portal just south of Franklin Street.

Grand Arc I-95 at Franklin Street and Rhode Island Avenue area

 MRP Realty Plan- eastern portion infringes upon Grand Arc

In contrast, the dominant 1960s planning placed both directions of I-95 to the east of the railroad, denying this southbound vista to the public, for the sake of placing the highway further away from Catholic University of America.

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