Thursday, March 27, 2014

Takoma D.C. Chock 2014

New insanity to wedge 200+ dwellings in the tight street network around the neck of Washington D.C.'s sole railroad-industrial northern radial transportation corridor, with parking garage area built within needed right of way enhancement.  Has the support of the moneyed organizations that are pro-development/indifferent to hostile to transportation.  To be voted upon today, March 27, 2014

Project impinges upon  existing WMATA station parking and transit potential of site, while adding traffic to the over-stressed narrow streets.

Parking garage area conflicts with the legitimate North Central Freeway/Grand Arc Mall Tunnel right of way.

Was voted unanimously by WMATA- leading support to the idea that WMATA perhaps should be abolished or folded into a comprehensive transportation related entity.

Monday, January 27, 2014

CUA Chock Continued 3 ...

Idiotic chock of Washington D.C.'s main northern radial transport corridor also disregards need for 3rd MARC trackway.  See
This talks about the need for a THIRD railway track for MARC trains via the Metropolitan Branch corridor.   From the above actfortransit url:
Another project to pay attention to is a third track for the Maryland Area Rail Commuter (MARC) Brunswick Line. CSX moves its freight trains in this corridor, and to move more passenger trains requires a third track. Add in that Frederick County is expected to grow 36% by 2040 (forecast from Metropolitan Washington Council of Government), and it is clear we must have more capacity. We need to make sure we reserve right-of-way and ask the state to start putting in a third track to accommodate more passenger traffic. In addition,we need to keep an eye on the money − money spent to widen I-270 [sic- fight the cigarette protectionist 'drug war' pharmacratic Inquisition] would be money not available for transit.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

CUA Chock Continued 2 ...

Misguided proposal to sell off WMATA Red line Bus Bay Area, in opposition to WMATA's sensible point to NOT sell off this property...

Yet to be approved comment at "The Brookland Bridge"

Don’t build so close to the railroad- such is Washington D.C.’s only main transportation corridor and is the legitimate location for I-95, with Madrid Spain showing the proper way for such a highway as a park covered tunnel.


Tunnel Box

Tunnel box allows superior space utilization for freeway and adjoining development, with sound & pollution containment of tunnel ideal for accommodating greater real estate development within close proximity

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

CUA Chock Continued ...

 ... more of this chock the transport corridor, right in what's supposedly the Nation's CapitAl City, chocking the un-built I-95 corridor alongside Catholic University of America
Oxbridge Group Meeting 

Such properties are part of a transport corridor being irresponsibly sold off for ill placed real estate development.

Tunnel Box

Tunnel box allows superior space utilization for freeway and adjoining development, with sound & pollution containment of tunnel ideal for accommodating greater real estate development within close proximity

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wasting the Eastern SE/East Leg Freeway

Eastern end of Washington, D.C.'s SE Freeway beneath Pennsylvania Avenue-Barney Circle
note Congressional Cemetery at upper left, and the Anacostia River at upper right.
Extension to East Capitol Street canceled during the mid or latter 1970s, vis a design first officially adopted about 1963, replacing the earlier proposals for a depressed freeway on a new swath alongside 11sth Street SE/NE.

A proper design could build this with an enclosure atop in the fashion of the existing Barney Circle Overpass - Above Ground Tunnel, with the added fashion of extending Washington, D.C.s Monumental Core eastward- rather than having such merely to the west.  This would be easy to do, with the freeway extension to East Capitol Street, owing to it being somewhat cut into an existing hillside, both to the west and to the east of Barney Circle.

A recent report included illustrations of various cross sections essentially making the segment to the west as an above-ground tunnel, yielding maximum benefit for the broadest segment of society.  Strangely that idea is only conveyed by the illustration, with ZERO recognition in the text, which merely focused upon the restored street grid atop.

The existing plan to destroy the approaches to and beneath Barney Circle should be immediately abandoned, and replaced with a reconstruction with a minimum of 4 lanes per direction of undercover freeway, taking advantage of it being largely cut int the side of an existing hill, and with a look towards a design to permit some air rights development, with southern extensions of the existing north-south surface streets.

Ideally, this should be accompanied via reconstruction of ramps to and from the 11th Street Bridge, to more equitably handle the traffic burden, rather than the current plans for this to serve PRIMARILY as a dip down into SE east of the Anacostia, as yet another text book example of a more affluent area getting over on a less affluent area.

I-295 East Leg to East Capitol Street and the SE Freeway at Barney Circle

Eastern SE Freeway Bastardization