Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Choking the SW-SE Freeway/Virginia Avenue Tunnel

to block augmentation and burial- keeping the city locally divided for the sake of badly placed real estate development

U.S. NCPC's sensible basic design 
for under-grounding the SW Freeway 
via a Washington Channel Tunnel

SW Freeway

In 2008 US National Capital Planning Commission releases an interesting design proposal for the SW Freeway
Yet developers and their friends in government work to place new buildings too close thereby locking in the existing SW Freeway design.

 New proposed development planning 
to prevent extra capacity 
and prevent Washington Channel Tunnel

EYA- the developer that built the townhouses next to the Virginia Avenue Tunnel,
 effectively placing opposition to that rail freight tunnel's reconstruction, 
placed this row of 28 townhouses only 16 feet from the SW Freeway- 
right where an extra few lanes and a lid atop the freeway would make far better sense


SE Freeway- Virginia Tunnel
"Committee of 100" seeks suit blocking tunnel reconstruction, seeks to relocate railroad from tunnel alongside more affluent area to less affluent area without a tunnel wile requiring new river crossing.
Much of the opposition to the freight rail tunnel reconstruction in more affluent area comes from people living in townhouses built only within the past decade by EYA

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