Saturday, February 28, 2015

I-395 Center Leg Capitol Crossing- Non Interstate Spec Shoulders?

Shall the I-395 Center Leg even meet Interstate highway specifications anymore?

Is this even legal?

I am unaware of Congress de-certifying the I-395 Center Leg as an Interstate Highway!

The maximum lane number in each direction is not less than two and there should be emergency escape ramps and climbing lanes in some parts of the highway if needed. The minimum width of each lane should be 3.62 meters. The outside shoulder width is 3 meters while the inner shoulder width is 1.2 meters. In rural places, the median width should be 11 meters and in urban areas, it should be 3 meters.

The minimum vertical clearance in urban places should be 4.3 meters and in rural place, it is 4.9 meters. Bridges along the highway should have not less than HS-20 structural capacity. It is also important that bridges have lanes that measure 12 feet. Tunnels along the Interstate should have a width of not less than 13.1 meters. These should have two lanes. Each lane should have a width of 3.6 meters. The outside shoulder of the lanes should measure 3 meters while the inner shoulder should be 1.5 meters (4.9213 feet).  Additionally, it is important that tunnels have safety walkways. These should be found on each side of the tunnel. The walkway should measure .7 meters.

 "Typical I-395 cross section"  page 10 2009 Air Rights EIS

4.9213 required.

4.0 shown in cross section labeled 'typical I-395 cross section.

? shown in overhead at actual spot of the pinch.

The I-395 3rd Street Tunnel Capital Crossing Air Rights projects needs to be STOPPED until the design is changed to fully respect the full 8 lane plus shoulders right of way.

Likewise the project should be re-designed to maintaining both the on ramp and the off ramp, with a redesign that keeps the idea of the center loader ramps- a basic design that needs to be adopted to Interstate highways particularly those in urbanized areas as infinitely more suitable for reconciling freeway related and more localized traffic, including pedestrian any bicycle.

The U.S. Congress ought to investigate the planning and those involved with this unwarranted selling out of the sunken I-395 Center Leg right of way.

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