Friday, April 24, 2009

The Doctrinaire Anti New Highways Position of the 1970s- Continued

Canceling highways because private automobile an obsolete concept by the 1990s...

... This request is made because, from my review of the “Combined Corridor and Design Report”, it is obvious that Mr. Airis is proceeding from demonstrably erroneous or obsolete premises, errors that would be manifest if there were an adequate hearing. For example, his report proceeds from the assumption that there will be a 50 percent increase in area population by 1990 with a 100 percent increase in auto travel. Such an assumption is incredible in the face of (1) recent actions by EPA under the Clean Air looking toward the necessity of reducing future auto travel and (2) the growing fuel crisis which, according to Administration spokesmen, will lead to gas rationing within six months and, by 1990, may well render the private automobile as obsolete as the horse and buggy. Furthermore, it should be noted that the proposed six-lane South Leg is designed on the premise that at least 50 percent of the traffic utilizing it would come from two highly controversial (and unapproved) freeways- the [I-66] North Leg Freeway and the [I-266] Three Sisters Bridge."

The Doctrinaire Anti New Highways Position of the 1970s- Peter S. Craig

The Doctrinaire Anti New Highways Position- 'Green' Party

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Kofi Bofah said...

You must admit that the lack of freeways and expressways is what gives DC its character...