Monday, August 15, 2011

The Forgotten Elephant- Building TOO DAMN CLOSE

While Greater Greater Washington asks about the policy of guardrails only for people in automobiles ...

 'Elevation 314' Deathtrap

The "Elevation 314" 'train wreck' dwellings built within the footprint of a heavy RR de-railment- the windows represent people's condos, mainly built within the footprint of a heavy RR de-railment and at a lower elevation.

Notably this was approved in 2002- AFTER 911 with its slight bit of brief lip-service to the concept of evacuation routes.

 'Elevation 314' Deathtrap dwelling promoter Russel Katz 
with then D.C. Council-member Adrian M. Fenty;
I once brought up this as a death trap to Fenty at a public meeting 
only to have Fenty tell me to 'shut up'

photos TWP September 2002