Thursday, May 08, 2008

CUA/Brookland Transport Corridor Chock

New demolition specials pushed to chock Washington, D.C.'s sole north south transport corridor

Although lip service was given to the idea of addition evacuation road routes for major cities, our jesuitical government is pushing further chocking the B&O Metropolitan Branch RR/ WMATA Red Line corridor.

Observe that the proposed urban deck atop the railroad does not extend to the north alongside Catholic University of America, as consistent with my supposition that CUA prefers the surface railroad as is to serve as a wall between it and the neighborhoods to the east. This is consistent with a recent "briefings" page by an "environmentalist" group against not only a comprehensive subway system including my ideas for vehicular tunnels, but also against the idea promoted by myself and Richard Layman -- my article, his article -- to underground this Red Line corridor.

While properties taken under eminent domain for roads deserve 3X market value for the time savings for the many, such demolition specials that are put up in complete contempt of comprehensive transportation planning that include vast new parkland arguable deserve less, say 10 cents on the dollar.

This Ultramontanism needs to cease.
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