Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Small Piece of the Grand Arc

New park along a segment of the Grand Arc right of way-
the NoMa Green

The Park Details:

North of New York Avenue and bounded by Harry Thomas Way, NE, on the west and the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) on the east, this large rectangular parcel of land is the best opportunity to provide an expansive open green space in the neighborhood. This project was a key component of the NoMa Public Realm Design Plan. With its adjacency to the MBT and strong trail connections, the NoMa Green site is easily accessible from many surrounding neighborhoods and development of this site as an attractive and active recreation area will help promote the safety and vitality of the trail. Community input into what is desired at this location has touched on an amphitheater, a strong connection to the MBT and grilling facilities. Other community participation identified tending a garden and walking through a meadow as desirable for the NoMa Green.

Grand Arc

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