Saturday, November 15, 2008

11th Street Bridge[s] Fiasco, Evacuation Route Ramp Demolition To Come

From the JD site:

Then there's the bridges: Reconstruction of the 11th Street Bridges is scheduled to begin in mid-2009. (The shortlist of firms vying for the design-build contract was announced a few weeks ago.) Whether we actually see heavy equipment moving in mid-2009, or whether this just marks the first part of the design-build project is not quite clear. I was also told that the contract to demolish the flyover ramps to and from RFK could be completed soon, and that demolition would happen not long after the contract is signed.

Plus, the final Environmental Impact Statement for South Capitol Street and the Douglass Bridge is expected in spring 2009; that's when we'll hear which of the four bridge designs has been chosen.

This fatally flawed project -- RFK ramp demolition, eastern SE Freeway boulevardization with traffic lights, and replacement with new elevated ramps -- needs to be stopped and seriously re-planned... as currently proposed the project fails to pass even a laugh test, as so with the controlled opposition that focus only upon the increased public utility of the connection to the Anacostia Freeway.

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