Sunday, January 03, 2010

11th Street Bridges 11th Hour Design Revision

Anacostia to get new 'sky-way'


This a part of the 11th hour redesign of the 11th Street Bridge project that changes the configuration of southbound DC 295 to pass as an elevated viaduct.

This is part of a plan that was reported favorably by Greater Greater Washington/ David Alpert.

Athough elevated waterfront urban freeways are generally decried, apparantly no one within the 'new urbanist' community felt that the area to the southeast of the Anacostia was worthy enough to even mention this aspect of the design change.

Reportedly, construction on this project started on December 29, 2009.

Where are the protests?

And what is the position of such organizations as the 'Committee of 100 on the Federal City'?


Froggie said...

As I recall, this "11th hour redesign" still results in a lower overall footprint than the original design, which had the NB 295 to 11th St Bridge flyover much higher than this current proposal for SB 295. So you really don't have a good argument on this one...

Douglas A. Willinger said...


At best the height is about the same, though instead with the more massive roadway on top.

And meanwhile, work will soon start upon a rehab of the CSX Virginia Avenue RR Tunnel without any coordination that could have lowered both the 11th Street Bridge (at least the southbound side) and the SE Freeway.