Friday, April 30, 2010

'Artspace' Demolition Special April 30 2010 Groundbreaking

Blocks the right of way of the Grand Arc Mall Tunnel-
mis-located "artspace" project blocks public space

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Dance Place

OPEN LETTER to artspace:

The new artspace center in Washington, D.C. is too close to the railroad corridor- DC's only major transportation corridor, and is in space needed for a multi-model solution for handling our transportation needs:

Please let this serve as formal notice that your project is mis-located (should be re-located further from the corridor), and that in its current location, it should be demolished- as should any such developments placed too close to the corridor.

I understand that our government has totally gone apostate in defending the public interest regarding transport.

However, as a private citizen I want you to know what you are doing by supporting this unconscionable chock of this important transportation corridor.

Please inform anyone involved in this project of its demolition special nature.

I totally support the use of eminent domain for public use to remove the mistake that ground was broken for today.

Either relocate the project, or be emotionally prepared to see its demolition- assuming that we get a government for the people rather then the elites that we have allowed to abort the South Capitol Mall.


Douglas A. Willinger
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8th Street NE facing south, with lightly developed rail-side industrial properties at left

Project was assisted by the D.C. Mayor Fenty.

Jennifer: Tell us a little more about what the Brookland Artspace Lofts in D.C. will feature.

Heidi: It will have open interiors, underground parking, performance areas, wide hallways and large elevators so the artists can easily transport their artwork around the building. It will also feature a mosaic tile installation that will be provided by community volunteers, and a “green” roof that will be installed as a community service project.

Jennifer: I know that you worked closely with the D.C. government to make this project happen.

Heidi: That’s right. Discussions about the project began in 2006, when the leaders of Artspace worked with the D.C. Department of Housing and Development, then subsequently with D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty (pictured right).

The government had developed a policy that would direct D.C. agencies to work together to create and fund art projects that act as an effective tool for economic revitalization. The Brookland Artspace Lofts are a result of that initiative.

Jennifer: I understand that the District’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) will provide $10.4 million in stimulus funding. Is that correct?

Heidi: Yes, and that includes $1 million in low-income-housing tax credits for the role Artspace is playing in revitalizing the Brookland neighborhood.

This is not the first time that Fenty has committed an act of planning malfeasance; another was the "Elevation 314" apartment house built within the corridor right of way zone (of this same railroad) .

Fenty is a complete idiot with pushing/promoting/accepting these mis-placed development projects. If he is so blind to something as apparent as this, how can people trust his judgment overall?

Of course when this planning malfeasance is brought to his attention, he can only say "shut up" - as there is no defense for this planning malfeasance.

Alas, there is no prosecution of officials such as Fenty, who betray the public's right of way interest.


Anonymous said...

No doubt your notice has The Powers That Be simply quaking in their shoes.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Enough so that you would post that anonymously.

Ward 5 Resident said...

Keep dreaming. The original freeway plan of the 60's is obsolete.

In case you haven't noticed, there are alternative transportation methods now to northern Virginians and Marylanders zipping through the city at 60mph.

Thank God that the city's residents in the 60's put a stop to this. We can now see how unsustainable the suburban sprawl that freeway development sparked is.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

What original freeway plan had that highway as a cut and cover tunnel with lanes to the west of the RR?

I agree that many of the plans were obsolete.

Likewise with the status quo, which only serves the neurosis of CUA and Masonic Eastern Star.

But you believe that stopping the much needed urban freeways somehow stopped sprawl-? I do not believe that, and I suspect you really don't either.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

"I agree that many of the plans were obsolete."

That is being too kind.

The 1964 initial engineering study for the North Central Freeway was deliberately botched to create the opposition:

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Madrid's M-30 project of park covered cut and cover freeway tunnels shows that the U.S. is simply under the rule of a foreign dictatorship with its rotunda's on its CapitOl Hill and of course alongside the I-95 Grand Arc right of way

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Here's info about Madrid's M-30, so much for the lie that freeways don't belong in cities: