Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When Shall the U.S. Congress Extend I-395?

Does the sudden shift in 'appointment' of national DC overlord suggest a tail that wags the dog of a top down dictate against those questioning the truncation of the Washington, D.C. freeways

Yesterday I open up the breakfast links of the blog Greater, Greater, Washington to see that D.C. may get a new overseer, Brian Bilbray (R-CA), that questions the truncation of the freeways:
This is my chance to say something about this. I was absolutely appalled when I came here in the 1990's and saw what appeared to be the gross abuses of local control by the local community. Freeways were not allowed to go through because of Ward politics. Maybe it is because I am a Californian that I can't comprehend the ability of politics to stop a freeway dead in its tracks, not just once but twice. Though, I have seen it happen.
Yet upon clicking on the link to the original Washington City Paper article that GGW points to, which has this above quote, it already has this update:

UPDATE, 1:30 p.m. - Whoops: Mike DeBonis is reporting that [Congressman] Bilbray's been removed from the Oversight Committee, which means we don't know who'll be in charge of the District's fate come January.

Reportedly this is because Bilbray has been given another assignment.

Perhaps this is just coincidential, but will any of the other possible candidates dare speak out against the status quo of why I-395 dead ends at New York Avenue, mere blocks from Washington, D.C.'s two largest transportation - industrial corridors -- despite local support for the tunnel concept extending at least to the vicinity of Florida Avenue - with the authorities considering a sole tunnel alignment that fails FHWA line of sight standards?

I-395 Extension Superior Option UNconsidered
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