Monday, May 09, 2011

They Started Building Too Close To The RR AFTER 911

The U.S. govt says that foreign terrorists were planning to derail trains

Yet, they permit new residential real estate development creating a particularly dangerous situation, just inside of Washington, D.C. with its main north-south RR

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Think about the development at the Takoma WMATA Station- the Elevation 314 and Ceder Crossing projects, built AFTER 2001, with dwellings well within a RR derailment crash zone, even at elevations lower then the heavy RR!

Go to the Takoma D.C. WMATA Station to see for yourself.

What sort of government permits such such nonsensical development lacking safety buffer zones, which places people unneccesarily at risk for the sake of an agenda of further blocking parallel cut and cover roadway tunnels -- whether vehicular or rail -- for the sake of deferring to this corridor's past botched planning for its most wealthy and selfish property holding entities simplistic anti-freeway mania?

What is Wrong With the Pentagon?

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Great idea I hope to see this implemented