Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Takoma D.C. Travesty- Cram 'em in

Another example of a planning malfeasance- just inside Washington D.C.

This cramming in of residential units next to RR is insane- especially when it is built within the footprint of a derailment AND at a lower elevation, such as the dangerously close "Elevation 314".

I say it can all be demolished as hazardous- which it is not only to the new dwellers, but to local and larger community and societal interests and needs, particularly for a much needed super-project to give the area its missing and needed comprehensive transportation, linear parkland, and bringing that creek back to the surface.

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Build the Grand Arc

Proposed Spring Place Apartments – October 19 & 24 Meetings & Hearings

Developers Donald Tucker and Bruce Levin propose building two five-story buildings, a total of 140 apartments, on Spring Place, NW (along the RR Tracks and behind the Gables Apartments on Blair Road, NW). Access would be at Blair and Chestnut.

Some residents have asked for changes and more time to work on the proposal. I hope the developers will agree. They are making revisions. As it now stands, here are the project details and the timing.

* Buildings will be approximately 45 feet tall
* Phase I – 60 affordable rental units, funded by several DC government programs, 11 parking spaces
* Phase II – 80 market rate rental units, 31 parking spaces (parking lot backs up to Chestnut Street homes)
* Materials are Hardie Plank (a concrete product) and pressed concrete block

The developers are requesting that a short street/alley be closed and are also asking for a reduction to the parking requirements, which must be approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA). The developers must provide a traffic study, which they estimate will be available in November. It is possible that no new traffic controls at Chestnut and Blair will be provided and that none will be required.

1. Wednesday, October 19 - Developers meet at the Landis Building, 7059 Blair Road, NW from 6:30 -8:30 pm to present revised plans. Contact the developers (info below) for a site tour between 4:30 and 6:30 pm.

2. Key Vote, Public Views Solicited - October 24, 7 pm, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B - 4th District Community Room, 6001 Ga. Ave., NW

ANC 4B will vote on its recommendation to the DC Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) . The proposal is in the Takoma Historic District and HPRB must review and approve the design for its appropriateness, size, materials, and impact on the historic district, among other issues. Traffic and environmental issues are not part of HPRB’s review.

3. Deciding Vote, Public Testimony Solicited - November 17 (Time TBA, but during the day)
441 4th St., NW, Room 220 South (next to Judiciary Square Metro – Red Line)
HPRB will decide whether to approve the design, reject it, make changes, or ask staff to make changes
4. February?? 2012 - Board of Zoning Adjustment Public Hearing – Traffic Issues - TBA
To see the proposal (no revised drawings available yet), go to my web page, ANCSaraGreen.org
Please share your comments with me.

--- Sara Green, ANCSaraGreen@yahoo.com (202) 829-8802

Developer Contact Information:
Bruce Levin – 301-364-4510 blevin@keystarrealestate.com
Donald Tucker – 301-654-6670 don@ecohousing.net

Sara Green, ANC 4B01
See my website: http://ANCSaraGreen.org

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