Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Better Future A Different Future

Terminator 2 Alternative Ending Washington, D.C. Future Park

Shows the improbable, yet teases us with the almost* probable [*actually quite probable as an excellent idea properly located, but for what sits at the top of the political pyramid].

With Washington Monument to the right, but closer, the axis of this future T2 movie's park's axis would be roughly from the Federal Reserve or U.S. State Department. Such a location would be highly improbable, because it would require removing a swath of buildings for constructing this concept of Linear Park at an angle other than 90 degrees to the U.S. Capitol building.

At Franklin Street

At New York Avenue


This WOULD seal the story forever. And it would have been perfect. Oh but noooo...we had to put up with the T3 crap and the T4 garbage. T1 and T2 rules, everything else is a bad attempt of the lost movie generations.

predatorxv 4 days ago

Alas, we get T3 and T4 as reflections of today's reality- that the removal of skynet did not equate a removal of the political force that continues to cast a dark shadow.

Indeed today we have the force that aborted the USNCPC South Capitol Mall along with anything to cover over the Metropolitan Branch B&O railroad.

As I heard from Richard Layman at a public meeting in 2007, the idea of covering the railyards behind Union Station was discussed and intended to be included in the U.S. National Capital Planning Commission's (NCPC's)1996 program "Extending the Legacy- Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century", only to be deleted from political opposition from the top. Notably, while it does not appear within "Extending the Legacy", that program features the "South Capitol Mall"- a logical name for the grand new grassy promenade actually shown in illustrations throughout, though with zero specific mention in any of the text as a "Mall", "Promenade" or "Greenway", and cloaked in more vague terms as a "Gateway" or "Boulevard".

Indeed, the makers of T2 picked an excellent idea for representing a future Washington, D.C. liberated from the traditional evil yoke ...

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