Sunday, February 26, 2012

Preserving Elevated I-395

New SW Development to preserve existing SW Freeway
blocking implementation of U.S. NCPC 2008 proposal for an I-395 Washington Channel Tunnel,

more of the 'trendiness' of real estate development so close to existing transportation corridors so as to lock in in adequate and divisive 1950s freeway design, and of the Federal government's abdication of its Constitution prerogative of eminent domain

Building too close to the SW Freeway thus thwarting mitigation efforts as U.S. National Capital Planning Commission's I-395 Washington Chanel Tunnel

Includes new building on the Banneker Knoll covering the SW Freeway, locking in its inadequate width and its elevated Washington Channel Bridge crossing, effectively blocking the US National Capital Planning Commission's 2008 I-395 Washington Channel Tunnel

U.S. National Capital Planning Commission's I-395 Washington Channel Tunnel, mitigates noose of roadways near the Jefferson Memorial; accommodates real estate development built of course afterwards

NOW is the time for employing that Constitutionally mandated power of eminent domain for public use, notably roads, for securing the space for constructing the Washington Channel Tunnel. Likewise for the needed improvement of the existing land portion of the SW Freeway establishing the space for beginning construction of the new submerged underground replacement, including removing the row of 28 'Capital Square' townhouses built a mere 16 1/2 feet from the Freeway's retaining walls, rather than let new real estate development prematurely as the reason or excuse to do preserve the existing Freeway's form.

The Federal government incapable of intervening to promote its own NCPC's recommendations, thus locking in the existing obsolete SW Freeway design, within site of the U.S. Departments of Housing & Urban Development and the Department of Transportation is something to make people further ponder and question the political dynamics that govern the government.

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