Wednesday, December 25, 2013

CUA Chock Continued 2 ...

Misguided proposal to sell off WMATA Red line Bus Bay Area, in opposition to WMATA's sensible point to NOT sell off this property...

Yet to be approved comment at "The Brookland Bridge"

Don’t build so close to the railroad- such is Washington D.C.’s only main transportation corridor and is the legitimate location for I-95, with Madrid Spain showing the proper way for such a highway as a park covered tunnel.


Tunnel Box

Tunnel box allows superior space utilization for freeway and adjoining development, with sound & pollution containment of tunnel ideal for accommodating greater real estate development within close proximity

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Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

As of Jan 27, 2014, my comment at 'brookland bridge' blog has not yet been approved- as if they are afraid that their position to chock he corridor is not justified.