Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Save McMillan's Underground Vaults!

Don't assume that knee-jerk opposition to freeways necessarily means historic preservation.

In Washington, D.C. it means reflexive support to 'develop' via destroying some of our most interesting architectural history to increase property tax revenues.

Such a demolition of these interesting 26 underground vaults is supported by the so-called 'Smart Growth' organizations that are contemptuous of the importance of roads and food supply, with preservationist Daniel Gordon Wolkoff making the valuable yet rarely made point of the need for cities to produce some of their food.

From Daniel Wolkoff:
The City Council testimony below, by Brookland resident, landscape architect Mary Pat Rowan, exposed the Jamie Fontaine Company "astroturf" campaign, hired by Deputy Mayor Jeff Miller and Vision McMillan Partners , to "neutralize opposition" and "create the impression of community support  for the VMP development plan".

Is this the appropriate use of our  tax dollars? To suppress DC community opposition to the McMillan Development, subvert the community that recognizes how desperately parks are needed, and support sustainable  adaptive re-use, an imperative for a healthy environment in DC and for Mother Earth.
Washington historic restoration artist Daniel Goldon Wolkoff explains the imperative of saving the 20 acre "McMillan Underground", from demolition, for adaptive re-use, for sustainable indoor agriculture, a food/nutrition and outdoor exercise hub in the central city. The recreational use and community building activities at McMillan are endless, art, performance, cinema, cafe, city market, skating, concerts, a Wolf Trap stage for music and festivals and more. The DC govt is "disposing" of McMillan to the development conglomerate and lying that we have no use for our 25 acre  "great park". Tell them otherwise!

Testimony to Muriel Bowser Chair of the City Council Committee on
Economic Development, February 11, 2014. This link goes to the testimony on McMillan Park


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