Monday, August 13, 2007

Washington, D.C. Big Dig

Jim Riley has one of the most thought-provoking posts I've read in a long time when it comes to transportation, namely whether or not the time has come for a D.C. Big Dig:
If a D.C. Big Dig (or anything like it) is ever to be done, this is something that will take an Act of Congress and may have to be shoved down the District’s throat. Am I comfortable with that? Not really, but it is a Federal city, so there is some logic to congressional involvement in spearheading such a project. Congress should also retain oversight and the ability to appoint top officials overseeing it. Perhaps they could tap Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Chairman Matt Amorello, a former State Senator and Republican candidate for Congress from the Worcester, MA area, to head it up. Amorello took over the Big Dig in Boston and turned the troubled project around.

It’s time to stop nibbling around the edges and do something bold to attack our region’s traffic problem. Doing nothing is not an option. Too many politicians have taken that road for too long. This goes to the very heart of the traffic beast in our region. Until someone slays that dragon, all the other work that we do will only continue to forestall the inevitable return of gridlock resulting from commuters trying to get into D.C.

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