Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What Obama Must Do For D.C. Transportation Security

Official planning to chock northern Washington, D.C.'s sole grade separated ground north south transportation corridor, subverting valuable evacuation route

Left: Brookland Metro station area today. Image from Google Maps. Right: Metro station sub-area plan. (from article within Greater Greater Washington)

Corridor Suitable for Cut and Cover Railway - Highway Tunnel, yet official planing sells out to real estate development

Chocks of the construction of the hugely useful North Central Freeway corridor, proposed by the Kennedy Administration in November 1962, but hugely botched with a 1964 engineering study that routed the highway needlessly through neighborhoods.

North Central B&O Metropolitan Branch RR corridor midway between Potomac and eastern Capital Beltway. (shown with I-95 Northeast Freeway via the Fort Drive - Northwest Branch Route).

1962 Kennedy Administration plan with WMATA and B&O Route North Central Freeway

1964 North Central Freeway engineering study deviates seriously from the 1962 Kennedy proposal, officials considered this until the late 1960s as a 'cheaper' alternative
to the 1962 concept featured in the
supplementary North Central Freeway study report of 1966

1971 North Central Freeway
with I-95 Northeast Freeway via the Fort Drive - Northwest Branch Route,
with cut and cover tunnel segment
from Rhode Island Avenue to north of Monroe Street NE
displacing 34 existing houses
with new development and parkland

My preference is for a new multi model transportation tunnel -- upgraded railways and new highway -- beneath a new linear urban park- the Washington, D.C. Grand Arc

Inside the Beltway I-95:
1971 PEPCO Power Line -B&O
1964-73 Northwest Branch Park - Fort Drive - B&O
1960 Northwest Branch Park - Catholic Sisters College - B&O

PEPCO-B&O offers greatest serviceability and least displacement
with greatest use of existing corridors.

Yet this is all often poorly reported.

Washington, D.C. FICTITIOUS I-95 Route

Brookland CUA Area Small Area Plan

Public Hearing Notice

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