Saturday, May 15, 2010

1960s Washington, D.C. Freeway Planning Hegelian Dialectic

A Highway Program Designed to Fail


The 1964 deviation from the 1962 JFK B&O Route NCF concept- undermining public support for a freeway along the B&O corridor, alongside which the most important property is Catholic University of America, and the subsequent additions of design objections absent with the previous plans.

The mid-late 1960s ‘pro’ highway push from organizations as the 'Federal City Council' that prioritized opposing highway construction delays, hence, meaning support for earlier more impactive unpopular plans.

The mid to late 1960s waffling of various officials as late as 1968 to build the earlier (1964) versions of the North Central Freeway.

The lack of much discussion regarding proposals to cover portions of such proposed roads as the North Central Freeway, or the section of I-95 that would have run through the property of the Masonic Eastern Star Home at 6000 New Hampshire Avenue, for the PEPCO route alternative that only became the official route in Maryland between its July 1973 cancellation, and the February 1973 cancellation of the previous proposed routing via Northwest Branch Park that had been the plan since the late 1950s.

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