Friday, February 27, 2015

JFK Was Re-Considering The 3 Sisters Bridge & North Leg

Recommendations for Transportation in the National Capital Region: A Report to the President for Transmittal to Congress by the National Capital Transportation Agency November 1, 1962

had rejected the 3 Sisters Bridge and North Leg,

yet by mid 1963 JFK was reconsidering these links:

Owing to concerns that the proposed 2x2 'express street would be inadequate, along with abandoning the Crossing at 3 Sisters, a follow-up letter dated June 1, 1963 letter enumerates the cross town I-66 North Leg and Three Sisters Bridge as the most controversial segments require further study
“…I noted that certain portions of the highway network within the District of Columbia required further study. The guidelines which I believe should be followed in this re-examination are as follows:
The re-examination should focus upon the sections of the highway plans which have from the beginning been the most uncertain and the most controversial- the North Leg of the Inner Loop and the Three Sisters Bridge, both of which involve the manner in which necessarily involve a re-study of those additional portions of the plan which are directly affected by the conclusions reached in the re-examination…”
With his November 1962 report having rejected the Three Sisters Bridge, his June 1963 letter calling for that bridge’s ‘re-examination’ meant that it might be needed, hence having JFK place freeways alongside Catholic University of America and Georgetown University.

Canceled B&O D.C. I-95 next to Catholic University of America

The canceled I-266 Three Sisters Bridge- pointing at Georgetown University 

Hence in the months leading up to his assassination, JFK was reconsidering a highway proposal that had been rejected by the November 1, 1962 transportation report, hence placing a second interstate highway next to a major Roman Catholic Church property.

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