Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Call To Fire 'Dr' Gridlock

Should really be a call to boycott The Washington Post for being so beholden to the selfish elites that simply want to push the traffic burden disproportionately upon less affluent areas

The current 'Dr Gridlock'
One thing that could be done would be to fire Dr Gridlock and replace him with someone who would actually advocate for motorists. If there were stronger advocates out there for drivers, who didn't just dismiss solutions calling for new roads, bridges, and lanes out of hand, then maybe motorists could be united into what they should be based on their numbers: a powerful lobbying force, and we might actually get prioritized for the funding required to build those things.

Fire Doctor Gridlock.
As Robert Thomson is an employee of The Washington Post , the problem is probably may be more likely to that paper rather than Thomson personally, as that paper has a long track record of dishonesty regarding the feasibility of highway projects on behalf of the power elite.

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