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I-395 Center Leg Squeeze- May 2, 2015

About the construction project to illegally constrict the I-395 Center Leg right of way to maximize developer profits at the expense of the general welfare

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Posted by: "Johnson, Lendia (MPD)"

Hello Everyone:

Here is the latest traffic advisory associated with the next phase of the I-395 Air Right project.  Please see website for additional information.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lane Reduction, Speed Restrictions on Highway Portion of I-395/3rd Street Tunnel set to begin on Saturday, May 2

Commuters should anticipate delays due to the reduction of one lane on the 2nd Street Off-Ramp to Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Media Contact
Michelle Phipps-Evans, (202) 497-0124, (202) 671-0624,

(Washington, DC) The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and Property Group Partners (PGP), the developer for the 3rd Street Tunnel project, will institute a single-lane closure that will reduce the 2nd Street off-ramp to Massachusetts Avenue from I-395 northbound to just one lane, starting Saturday, May 2, at 12:01 am, weather permitting. This closure will last approximately 17 to 19 months.

In addition, the posted speed limit on I-395 will be reduced to 35 miles per hour within this work zone.   Commuters should note that the Metropolitan Police Department will re-install speed cameras along this highway and that fines are doubled for speeding within work zones.

Traffic Impact
The ongoing lane closure on the 2nd Street off-ramp will result in moderate-to-significant traffic delays. Motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists will experience increased travel times and delays . New traffic signal modifications and lane configurations will be implemented at major intersections near the tunnel and ramps. 

Parking restrictions will be placed on D Street from 2nd Street, NW, to New Jersey Avenue, NW. Restrictions  will also be placed on New Jersey Avenue from G Street, NW, to 2nd Street, NW.

Motorists using the tunnel, adjacent roadways and detour routes are urged to stay alert and use caution when traveling through this area. Truck traffic must follow truck detours and adhere to over-height restrictions.

This phase of the 3rd Street Tunnel project, which is ongoing for 17 to 19 months, is preparing the I-395 highway, between E Street and Massachusetts Avenue, NW, for additional construction.

Also, commuters and pedestrians should note that related roadway construction and utility relocation are occurring above the highway on Massachusetts Avenue and H Street between 2nd and 4th Street, NW.

If at all possible, motorists should use alternative routes. Likewise, pedestrians and bicyclists are urged to stay alert, follow all posted signs and use caution when traveling through the work zones.

For additional details, please contact the project’s public outreach office at (202) 719-0196. For more information about the project, visit
Visit for more information on transportation options in the District.
For additional traffic advisories, look in DDOT's Newsroom.

Email Notice from February 5, 2015.

As Chief Traffic Engineer for the District Department of Transportation, I am writing to provide you with advance information concerning changes in traffic patterns around your building as it relates to the above mentioned project.  The I-395 Air Rights – Capitol Crossing Project is the first of a multi-phase master planned development located over the I-395. Newly designed pedestrian and vehicular corridors will reconnect the Capitol Hill and East End communities, update traffic patterns, and deliver new safety features.  More information about the project can be found on the website.
As the Developer’s Contractor starts (within the next week to 10 days) with the next phase of work you will notice the following:
  • Demolition of the shoulder and median barriers
  • Setting of temporary barriers and signage for Maintenance of Transportation Plans
  • Removal of street light poles and the installation of temporary lighting
  • Installation of duct bank and cabling for replacement of communication system in conflict with the slurry wall
  • Installation of temporary drainage
  • Demolition of the retaining wall on the east side of the north block of the freeway
  • Installation of support of excavation on the east side of the project
  • Excavation between the retaining wall and the support of excavation line on the east side of the project.
  • Closing of southbound exit ramp from I-395 Southbound  at 3rd Street
There will be traffic delays in the area and motorists are urged to stay alert and use caution when traveling through these work zones.  This phase of the project will take approximately four to six months to complete, weather permitting.  We will keep you updated by sending  various traffic advisories.
Thanks for your support.
James M. Cheeks, Jr.

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