Friday, April 10, 2015

More Junk From The Washington City Paper

"Best Argument for the War on Cars"?
- the vehicular traffic on New York Avenue between the I-395 truncation & MD Route 50

No.  The City Paper gets it wrong.  The situation described is entirely due to the failure to follow the local sentiment to extend I-395 as a tunnel, instead of having New York Avenue be the de-facto I-395 extension.

Junk as what follows should be expected from a publication that blurs the history of the un-built Washington, D.C. freeways and then CENSORS comments to provide more detailed information.

Best Argument for the War on Cars

100 New York Ave. NE
In the government office hellscape where New York and Florida avenues NE meet, there’s one bright spot: Wendy’s. While the chain’s perky commercial mascot isn’t for everyone, the fries definitely are. So why is one of the District’s most prominent Wendy’s so hard to reach? Located in an impossibly tiny triangle of land that’s blocked off by O Street NE, First Street NE, and the two state avenues, getting to and from the Wendy’s means risking your life for a fry sleeve. This is end-stage automobile culture: a restaurant penned in by cars that is really difficult to reach in a car. If you manage to make it to Wendy’s, leaving is just as hard, thanks to the traffic patterns swirling around New York Avenue. Thanks a lot, Henry Ford—I’ll stick with Dave Thomas.

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