Friday, December 26, 2014

I-395 Pinch Continued

new 'air rights' or rather 'air wrongs' project proposed
for northern end of Washington, D.C. I-395:
The Washington Global Trade Center (WGTC)

Project website:

There are no internet available images of this project's impacts upon the I-395 right of way.

But it doubtlessly would infringe upon its right of way akin to the air wrongs 'Capitol [double] Crossing' project to the south, limiting it to only half of its design capacity, while blocking any connections to an I-66 K Street-New York Avenue Tunnel that its self would be valuable for serving new development to the east along the New York Avenue corridor.

NO project for building atop this I-395 segment should be considered prior to the completion of this highways extension to the northeast, plus the connections to the above-mentioned I-66 K Street Tunnel.

This planning in its current form is a continuation of the ongoing travesty of Washington D.C. planning corruption done in total disregard of the interstate highway network, that should be getting America to ask what is wrong with the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Department of Transportation in neglecting the planning of the area interstate highway system?

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