Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Alexandria Orb Brochures

To inform the people of Old Town Alexandria, particularly those living southwards of its City Hall, I created an Alexandria Orb pamphlet showing the curious reduction of the urban deck that appeared later in 2000.

The brochure shows not only the interchanges but also what was happening to the proposed Washington Street Urban Deck, both visually and via additional text on the reverse.

This color brochure lacks the top line that appeared on the non-color version that I distributed more widely through the southern portion of Old Town, Alexandria: Springfield in Alexandria”.

I distributed several hundred of the color brochures in the several blocks immediately adjacent to I-495. And I distributed several thousand of the non-color version of the brochure in the entire area to the northern edge of the neighborhoods to just south of Alexandria City Hall.

I also distributed notices about the public meetings held at Alexandria City Hall.

I also had a button made up showing the Alexandria Orb and the Alexandria Octopus.

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