Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Doctrinaire Anti-Existing-Highway Position

1990s: Eliminating the SW/SE Freeway without a tunnel replacement

NCPC’s 1990s planning Extending the Legacy” Planning America’s Capital fell flat on its face by failing to provide for the SW/SE Freeway, leaving the I-395 Center Leg stranded from the Interstate highway system. Under this plan, the new 14th Street Bridge would connect to the I-395 Shirley Highway in Virginia, much as the existing spans do. But at the D.C. side, this bridge would connect to an at grade (traffic light) intersection at 14th Street NW and a new F Street SW. Traffic heading to or from the existing north-south I-395 Center Leg (3rd Street Tunnel) would take F Street SW to a set of ramps between 1st and 2nd Streets SW. Some of the traffic from Virginia would be diverted to a new 4 lane cross Potomac Tunnel from I-395 in Virginia to a portal onto M Street, but without a land tunnel continuation.

2000s: Eliminating the Whitehurst Freeway without a tunnel replacement

Keep the Whitehurst Freeway

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