Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Will the HAZMAT Railroad Relocation Succumb to Resentment Politics?

Maryland officials oppose the two southerly route options for transferring the Washington, D.C. burden to significantly longer routes through Maryland.

The position of Virginia (if there is one) is not reported, AFAIK.

Washington, D.C. officials favor any choice amongst these three options, whether the 2 significantly longer options through Maryland, or the new tunnel through D.C. along the south (east) side of the Anacostia River.

According to the statement (PDF) given by Joseph Passonneau, the people there will not tolerate this through their community, even though involving an already existing railroad and highway corridor. This suggests that the people there already see their area as having a disproportionate portion of the burden; they have suggested that D.C. spread the burden.

This status quo reminds me of Ben Franklin's statement that "we can hang together or separately," with our Nation's Capital being ruled by a spirit of parochialism.

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