Thursday, January 18, 2007

I-95 Baltimore Washington Parkway-Laurel Connector

The July 1973 cancellation of PEPCO I-95 did not immediately end planning for a I-95 through Washington, D.C. Rather it ended an I-95 that would provide the local serviceability of a north south freeway somewhere on the northern part of Washington, D.C.

The more north-south B&O/PEPCO I-95 was superseded by the idea of routing I-95 via a new connector, that would be the first portion of an Outer Beltway near Laurel, Maryland, to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, widened with its bridges replaced to permit truck traffic, before entering the District via a New York Avenue Industrial Freeway along the Amtrak railroad, to the North Leg East to connect to the existing I-95 Center Leg/ Mall Tunnel (I-395 Third Street Tunnel), then built to Massachusetts Avenue, and to the not yet built I-66 North Leg K-Street Tunnel.

Opposition to allowing trucks on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, and to a lesser degree, the demolition for the final 2000 foot long North Leg East approach along New York Avenue's north side between New Jersey Avenue and North Capital Street to the northern terminus of the Center Leg, brought this final old D.C. I-95 proposal's cancellation by 1976.

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