Monday, August 04, 2008

Evacuation Route To Be Demolished This Summer!!

U.S. DOT approves demolition of RFK Stadium Access Ramps
& Highway

From Jacqueline Dupree:

The FAQ mentions that the existing flyover ramps to and from RFK (the ones that head east over M Street) are supposed to be demolished "this summer", but I've been unable to get any details from DDOT as to whether that's still happening. I'm also not sure whether that's part of the bigger plan (not technically part of the bridge replacement project) to completely do away with the current below-grade freeway to Pennsylvania Avenue and replace it with "Southeast Freeway Boulevard", running at-grade from 11th Street eastward. (Read the EIS for more on that.)
How much is it going to cost? The ROD says that a cost review meeting in December "indicated that the estimate was consistent with an 80th percentile probability that the year-of-expenditure project cost would not exceed 465 million dollars." Those of you well versed in bureaucracy-speak can translate that as necessary.


Unknown said...

good riddance to those ramps. :)

In truth I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just because it's been approved doesn't mean it's happening in the near future.

Unknown said...

on another note, that statement approximately means, "This project is cost effective enough to not raise a lawsuit."

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Good riddance to the transport traitors.

If the ramps are demolished, they should be replaced with a new 11th Street Bridge Project with a below ground approaches in both directions at both ends.

That's SOME government that trashes highway capacity/evacuation routes,disregards civil defense, while spending 100s of billions upon wars and criminal violation of the 4th amendment domestic surveillance.

Georgetown University, which gave us the PATRIOT Act and its law center support of perhaps every single anti-highway crusade needs to be seriously reassessed by the general public.