Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bringing Up The Rear Side of Union Station

New Amtrak plan (pdf) for a major re-do of the rear of Washington D.C.'s Union Station.
Includes future lower level railroad completely below street level.

Removes the existing vehicular parking garage replaces with underground completey below street level.

Constructs new buildings atop with a glass enclosed center spine.

Is an improvement over the so-called 'Burnham' plan though still departs from Union Station's classical architecture and still represents an irrational fear of the Union Station railroad corridor shape; it should have a teardrop shaped glass canopy atop the platforms with buildings designed to compliment rather than contrast with classical Union Station.


Union Station Master Plan, Washington DC

Amtrak & Akridge imagine the future of Union Station

Amtrak makes no little plans with Union Station vision

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