Friday, June 19, 2015

WMATA to Continue To Push Corridor Chock

WMATA Profiteering at the Public's Expense- seeks to sell off transportation corridor land needed for rail expansion and underground freeway for yet more residential development.

Clearly, the concepts of transit oriented development is being perverted to restrict the publics mobility for the sake of short term profits.

From Aaron Wiener at the Washington City Paper:

Metro Offers Up Two Brookland Parcels for Development


Nine months after picking a team to buy and develop a swath of land it owns near the Brookland Metro station, Metro is seeking to cash in on more of its land holdings in the neighborhood.

Today, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which runs Metro, offered up two Brookland parcels to developers. The larger parcel, at 21,094 square feet, is just a block south of the Metro station; the smaller one, at 16,239 square feet, is a block south of the first. Both consist of unimproved land—just grass, trees, and shrubs—between the Metro tracks and 9th Street NE.
The move follow's Metro's selection in August 2014 of a partnership of MRP Realty and the CAS Riegler Cos. to develop land just east of the Metro station. The developers there plan to build 280 residential units and 9,000 square feet of retail.

Today's solicitation contains few guidelines as to what developers can and should build on the sites. Given the increasing popularity of the neighborhood among young professionals and families, residential development is likely. Bids are due to Metro by June 19.

The southern parcel, at 9th and Kearny streets NE.

The northern parcel, at 9th and Lawrence streets NE


End this chocking off of vital transportation corridors.
Re-Map the B&O North Central Freeway- as promoted by the slain US President John F. Kennedy, with an update making it and the existing railroad underground beneath a new linear park.

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