Thursday, December 11, 2014

Erased Comments From WP Article 'DC Dropping Request to Shut Down Part of I-395

A newspaper that has repeatedly lied about the feasibility of completing Washington DC highways as the previously planned I-95 on behalf of the power elites can be expected to erase comments that question the 'wisdom' of an unpopular request to shut down part of a popularly used urban freeway.

6:06 AM EST
DDOT's behavior here reeks of behind the scenes deals and bribes.

Their weird silence, stonewalling of the WP requests for information, and then their idiotic stance that since it's part of 395 that they can't weigh in was absurd.
12/9/2014 11:14 PM EST [Edited]
Why not simply re-route both directions temporarily upon one of the two main carriageways to better facilitate construction? The space exists within the Mass Ave to K Street segment as that was designed to accommodate 4 lanes per direction- remove the non-load bearing walls that were erected to create storage areas. Of course they would have to revise the plans to remove that portion of a planned underground parking garage that blocks a portion of the southbound carriageway- as they should. The project should be designed to be flexible to not impinge upon the 2x4 of way, with future connections to a crosstown K Street Tunnel as proposed by Elizabeth Rowe to preserve neighborhoods, and likewise with an extension curved under the Dunbar recreation field and O Street that avoids the 600+ demolitions of the previous extension plans.
12/9/2014 11:24 PM EST
You clearly have no concept of DC traffic. This would be an absolute nightmare for thousands of people.
12/9/2014 11:50 PM EST [Edited]
Canned reply from some one with nothing to say pretending that they do.

The northern portion of I-395 already exists with 2 lanes per direction; allowing the full 2x4 width for half used at a time would mean the same number of open lanes during construction as now.
12:54 AM EST
Because those are horrible ideas that would never happen cost wise?
10:58 AM EST
Baseless criticism from trolls hiding behind pseudonyms offering nothing.

The whole idea of closing the freeway segment entirely is to provide the space for erecting the center median supports; currently there is much space being used for closed off lanes to the outer portion of the trenchway for the sake of storage space that has been used for the lion statutes from the Taft bridge, and for underground parking that could be made elsewhere.

The K Street Tunnel was the idea promoted by opponents of the original cross town I-66 plans that would have cleared 100s of buildings along Florida Avenue and U Street, with its higher costs per inch offset by the shorter route and the use of existing right of way hence avoiding the gap in property tax revenue.

The alternative plan for the I-395 extension likewise avoids the property tax loss by reducing displacement over 95% from the 1970s plan, while avoiding the construction disturbance to traffic of using NY Avenue itself on the highly used segment from 4th Street NW to North Capitol Street, and avoiding the permanent liability of the sharp turn of the Ron Linton plan of a 25 mph curved tunnel wrapping behind the Bibleway Church complex.
12/9/2014 8:24 PM EST
Do DDOT officials have to give the bribe money back?
12/9/2014 7:02 PM EST
I have yet to meet anyone living here in DC who supported closing the freeway.

The developers knew the timetable when they agreed to build the project.

If they have to wait an extra year to start raking in the millions, that's their problem.
12/9/2014 6:49 PM EST
Well, that didn't take long. And sure PGP, we believe you when you say you were looking out for the interests of drivers rather than the bottom line of PGP.

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