Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Anti Freeway Dogma's Indifference Towards The Consequences

Elitist highway transport haters
ex-Washington Post columnist Bob Levey and his wife Jane

Bob Levey

Jane Levey

This juxtaposition of attitudes expressed through NCPC – deny/lie D.C. I-95 and other un-built D.C. freeways and turn your backs upon the consequences – was reflected by that infamously erroneous article appearing in The Washington Times Magazine, and its authors Bob Levey and his wide Jane Fruendel Levey.during a follow up on line dialog

The cover page shows two photos: one of anti Three Sisters Bridge protests; the other the Capital Beltway/Route 1 interchange in Alexandria, Virginia. (That’s the very interchange that I designed the Alexandria Orb).

During the following on line dialog, someone asked the Leveys to write something about the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Alexandria, Va.: A follow-up piece on the Virginia side would be equally fascinating, given the continuing controversies over the Wilson Bridge and I-66, not to mention 95/395/495. Hope that's something you can find time to pursue.

Bob Levey and Jane Freundel Levey: Time? What's that? It's a great idea. Maybe in 2009.

How “cute”. Let’s NOT write about any of this until after the WWB project is completed.

At times I notified them about the Alexandria Orb, and later, the South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall, asking them to write about providing better highway design better harmonized into the surroundings serving more of society.

And they did not seem interested.

The message is lie about D.C. I-95 and turn your backs to the consequences.


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Add the names Bob and Jane Levey to a list of probable masons or masonic college fraternity.

vapcguy said...

It's a shame people want to hold up progress and lie about what is planned to in order to do that, and then not have any alternative to float and where they won't comment when confronted until something is already built (so they can say, or not say, the right thing). It is very much appreciated that you are pro-active and that you take a stand - on behalf of other commuters and people just wanting to get around DC better than using interstate stumps, thank you.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Thank you for your comment.

I am ashamed of the politics in the capital city, and see the subversion of the freeways as the subversion-perversion of what masonry would seem to be about for the sake of some overlords' wanting to say keep I-95 far away from Catholic University of America, instead of being there but properly buried like NYC's future West Side highway segment beneath the Riverside Drive extension.

And the lying is SO blatent- like they are screaming out that they are wrong and need to be de-throned.