Saturday, March 10, 2007

Misrepresenting the history of the D.C. Freeway Impacts

This November 2000 article in The Washington Post Magazine was infamous not only for its map with the altered alignment of the unbuilt I-95 Northeast Freeway, but also for such statements as the un-built freeways allegedly requiring 200,000 residential units in DC and 100 square miles of parkland in the DC metropolitan area.

Today, Washington has fewer miles of freeways within its borders than any other major city on the East Coast. More than 200,000 housing units were saved from destruction. So were more than 100 square miles of parkland around the metropolitan area. The city was spared from freeways bored under the Mall, freeways punched through stable middle-class black neighborhoods, freeways tunneled under K Street, freeways that would have obliterated the Georgetown waterfront and the Maryland bank of the Potomac.

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