Sunday, March 25, 2007

11th Street SE Bridges & Ramps

Subsequent planning at better connecting I-295 and I-395: building replacements for the 11th Street Bridge[s] that include full ramp connections at its southern end.

The existing 11th Street Bridge[s] were constructed during the 1960s.

These include full connections with the SE Freeway, both to the west (towards the I-395 SW Freeway and the I-395 Center Leg) and to the east (towards the East Leg to East Capitol Street.

They do not include connections with DC 295 to and from the north-east. That was because such traffic was to have a north-south North Central-Northeast Freeway as well as an east-west New York Avenue Industrial Freeway connecting to an I-66 K Street Tunnel.,a,1249,q,620301.asp,a,1249,q,627028.asp,a,1249,q,633384.asp


From the D.C. Sierra Club:
For years, DC residents have benefited from environmentally-friendly and community-sensitive planning by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). Now, with their proposal their proposal to replace the replace the 11th Street Bridges, DDOT is proposing to spend up to half a billion dollars to add 50% more bridge capacity. The proposed project would destroy up to 12 acres of parkland and the Anacostia Community Boathouse. It would also effectively create an interstate highway shortcut through the District, adding thousands of cars and trucks to neighborhood streets each day and use up funding that could more effectively be spent on streetcars or bike and pedestrian saftey in our neighborhoods.

Read Sierra Club's comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement here.

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