Saturday, March 17, 2007

Route 50/proposed I-95 (I-395) Theoretical I-66 New York Avenue Industrial Freeway

New York Avenue Industrial Freeway
DeLeuw, Cather, with Harry Weese

"District of Columbia Interstate System"
November 1971

The New York Avenue Industrial Freeway would have run through railroad and rail-side industrial properties.

It appears in the 1968 planning as the preferred route for D.C. I-95, over the B&O Route North Central Freeway, which U.S. National Capital Planning Commission had previously favored. This was in spite of the greater serviceability of the B&O Route (a north-south route linking to New Hampshire Avenue and North Capitol Street) and the low number of dwelling displacement (69 under the 1966 plan, 34 under the 1970 and later plans).

It remained in official planning after Maryland's July 1973 cancellation of PEPCO I-95, as "I-95" that would continue into Maryland via a widened Baltimore-Washington Parkway, a plan canceled in 1976. It remained in official planning into the late 1970s as an I-395 extension to Maryland Route 50, until being "de-mapped" around 1979.

It is theoretical I-66 as that designation would apply to an east west highway, which this would serve as the eastern continuation of.

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