Saturday, March 03, 2007

How Things Went at the U.S. National Capital Planning Commission: March 1, 2001

Following the reduced deck’s debate-less, unanimous approval by the Alexandria City Councils, its next step was its formal approval by the U.S. National Capital Planning Commission. N.C.P.C. considered and followed through with this in two separate public meetings in 2001, one in March, the other in November. I got to plea my case before N.C.P.C. at both meetings. I remember the FHWA’s John Gerner being at the first meeting.

Although I see the name of then D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams within the NCPC membership list, I do not recall seeing him when I spoke at either event. I do remember seeing him there just prior to one of these events, along with a television crew for something that the Mayor was to announce (I don’t remember what), that left immediately after the Mayor did.

They would vote in favor of the deck reduction, without debate, and, unanimously.

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