Friday, December 01, 2006

1959 North Central Freeway

The 1959 Mass Transportation Plan indicates a North Central Freeway roughly paralleling the Georgia Avenue corridor. However, no detailed engineering study was conducted at that time.

Although the 1962 NCTA report of November 1, 1962 recommended a North Central Freeway along the B&O railroad corridor as part of a “Y” route with an I-95 Northeast Freeway via the Fort Drive route, converging near Fort Totten, the initial North Central Freeway engineering study considered dozens of routes nowhere near this railroad, with a bunch roughly paralleling Georgia Avenue.

These plates from this 1964 report reflect the 1959 planning's route, but with a wider cross section of 4 lanes per direction flanking a 2 lane reversible median roadway, rather then simply 3 lanes per direction. These 1964 designs do accommodate a parallel WMATA rail transit line.

A Georgia Avenue corridor freeway would require a far higher dwelling displacement then the B&O railroad corridor to the east.


1964 North Central Freeway Historical Overview

1964 North Central Freeway Engineering Report Guide

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